Greetings everyone and thank you for connecting with us at 3 Bridges Armory. I am Allan Masters, the owner of 3 Bridges Armory. I grew up in the Stewartstown area, am a Penn State graduate (Go Lions!) and have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life.

I have enjoyed a 40+ year career in the consumer package industry. During which, my family was able to move around the country including stops in Florida and New England and then returning to York county about 10 years ago. Upon return, I joined Hopewell Fish & Game Association.

At Hopewell, I have served in a number of capacities including Director, Trout chairperson, Hunter Safety Instructor, and led a number of committees. What a great organization. Check them out here. At Hopewell, I was exposed to competitive target shooting via their "groundhog" shoots. The members and participants freely shared their knowledge and experience helping to fuel my interest and become a better shooter.

My current passion is competitive target shooting and 3 Bridges Armory was born from that love. 3 Bridges is an opportunity for me to foster accessibility and knowledge transfer on all things related to shooting sports here in southcentral PA. At 3 Bridges we strive to provide you personalized service. We provide transfer services, personalized firearm sourcing, accuracy load development for your firearm, scope and Non-NFA classified accessory mounting services, and FFL partnership services for organizations conducting firearm raffles.

Lastly, if you are wondering about the name 3 Bridges Armory..The Stewartstown Railroad crossed three historic bridges (all of which are listed on the historic registry). The Valley Road bridge, the Ridge Road bridge, and finally the Deer Creek bridge. I spent many hours as a child climbing on, playing around, and fishing under those bridges.

In addition, 3 Bridges Armory is headquartered very close to all 3 and recognizing them in our name is our "tip of the cap" to the rich history of this area and where we proudly call home.

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