At 3 Bridges Armory, we offer FFL Transfers.

Transferring ownership of a firearm often requires you to complete a thorough transfer process performed by an FFL dealer. If you're privately buying or selling a gun in York County PA, bring your firearm to 3 Bridges Armory for a professional and affordable FFL transfer.

If you would still like us to handle your FFL Transfer, please contact us today!

When And Why Is An FFL Transfer Necessary?

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a license that allows a person or business to sell firearms in the United States. You can choose to buy a gun through a private seller who doesn't have this license. However, you'll typically need to finish these transactions by transferring ownership through a licensed FFL dealer..

An FFL dealer must adhere to stringent regulations, such as making sure customers meet specific requirements before they can acquire their gun. Thus, an FFL dealer requires customers to undergo a background check as part of the gun ownership transfer process. These regulations ensure that the customer is who they say they are and that they are legally allowed to own a gun.

The FFL transfer process is required by law when transferring a handgun between people who aren't directly related. You can privately transfer any gun to a child, spouse, grandparent, grandchild or parent without the assistance of an FFL dealer, but you'll need to conduct a professional transfer between a person of any other relation to you.

Private parties can transfer long guns or guns manufactured before 1898 in Pennsylvania without conducting a professional FFL transfer. However, we still recommend transferring through an FFL dealer, so you have written proof of your sale or transfer.

Transferring Ownership Of A Firearm In Pennsylvania

If your firearm purchase requires you to transfer your gun professionally, 3 Bridges Armory will handle the process according to state and federal laws. The gun ownership transfer process in Pennsylvania is as follows:

Visit Your FFL Dealer: If the gun's seller is an unlicensed individual as outlined above, you'll need to transfer your firearm through a sheriff's office or a licensed gun dealer like 3 Bridges Armory. Both the current owner and the gun recipient must be present at the transaction.

Show Proof of Identity: As an official FFL dealer, we'll need to verify both parties' identities before completing the purchase. Both the seller and the recipient must supply a current picture ID that contains their name, address and date of birth, such as a driver's license.

Fill Out Necessary Paperwork: Together, the buyer and seller will then complete an ATF Form 4473, also known as the Firearms Transaction Record. Because this form requires a special FFL dealership ID and unique individual number, you must complete it at the dealer at the time of your transfer. The dealer will then submit the form to the state.

Pass Your Background Check: You don't need a permit to own a gun in Pennsylvania. However, the buyer must still complete and pass a background check through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) before we can finalize the purchase.

Receive Your Receipt and Transfer Your Gun: After the buyer's background check has come back approved, the seller can hand over the firearm immediately - the state doesn't require any waiting period between approval and ownership. We'll give you both a receipt of sale after completing the process that proves you've followed proper gun ownership transfer laws.

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